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One of our principal activities, which usually require the combined expertise of our geologists and geotechnical engineers, is the investigation of subsurface conditions for construction of all types of engineering structures. Working with other design professionals, we perform the appropriate subsurface explorations and analyses. We provide recommendations and design criteria for foundations and other elements of the project, which depend on subsurface conditions.

GeoSoils, Inc. has the required expertise for planning, design, and development of mitigation measures to be implemented during construction, maintenance operations, and major areas of considerations, including the following:

• Geotechnical Engineering
• Soil & Rock Mechanics
• Geology & Engineering Geology
• Earthquake Engineering
• Field Exploration & Testing
• Rock Hardness & Rippability
• Hydrology & Hydrogeology Characterization Studies
• Slope Stability Evaluation & Recommended Stabilization Measures
• Geochemistry
• Development Services & Feasibility & Planning Studies
• Geologic Hazards Assessment & Mitigation
• Quality Control of Large Grading Projects
• Design & Construction
• Consultation for Excavations
• Instrumentation Monitoring & Evaluation
• Evaluation of Existing Facilities Infrastructure Rehabilitation
• Dewatering Studies
• Determination of Vibration Criteria
• Load Testing
• Design & Evaluation of
• Retaining Structures
• Soil & Materials Testing During Construction
• Seismic Risk Assessment & Site Response
• Evaluation of Foundation Types
• Design & Evaluation of Earth Structures, including Dams & Embankments
• Geotechnical Forensic Studies & Distress Evaluation
• Bid & Proposal Evaluations
• Expert Consultation & Forensic Studies
• Pavement Design for Roadways

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