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Laboratory Services

Lab Equipment

GeoSoils Inc. offers a full-service laboratory for earth materials testing. Tests available include:

• Moisture Content
• Maximum Dry Density (Optimum Moisture Content)
• Sieve Analysis
• Sand Equivalent
• Direct Shear
• R-Value
• Caltrans 216
• Specific Gravity
• Moisture & Density
• Hydrometer Analysis
• Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, & Plasticity Index
• Consolidation
• Concrete Compressive Strength
• Other Testing Services by Qualified Subcontractors
Laboratory Services

GeoSoils, Inc. strives for the highest level of quality in laboratory testing.

As part of our commitment to quality, the Gleisoil's, Inc. Carlsbad laboratory is accredited by AASHTO for geotechnical and construction materials testing. The accreditation includes bi-annual assessments and participation in the AMRL and CCR: reference sample programs. See for the scope. The laboratory is also a Division of State Architects (DSA), and City of San Diego qualified laboratory. The senior laboratory technician is NICET and ACI certified and is an ASQ Certified Quality Technician in addition to having 25 years of experience in soil and concrete testing.

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